WXF Notation Compliance

It has been brought to my attention that the notation I've been using does not match the standard notation used by the World Xiangqi Federation. Since there's a standard, I thought I'd update things to be more in line with the WXF. Here are the changes I've made:

  1. Generals are now marked with a "k" for King.
  2. Horizontal movement of a piece is now marked with "." as opposed to "=".
  3. Pieces that are on the same file are now identified with a "+" or "-" for instead of "f" or "b". Formerly, I would use "fc" to refer to the cannon further away from the player. WXF notation uses "c+" instead.

I've retroactively updated the notation post to reflect these changes. Please read there for more detailed examples.

Thanks to Sebastian Pipping for bringing this to my attention!